Free yourself from all unwanted bodily hair by making use of the professional waxing treatments provided by our beauticians. At Sunsera Salon, all our staff are well-trained and skilled in providing special types of body waxing treatments in any area of your body that has too much excessive hair including your arms, legs, and underarms.

Our staff members are always gentle when it comes to giving customers a waxing treatment so that their experience is almost pain-free. Moreover, they will ensure that every area is cleaned properly after the waxing treatment so that your skin remains soft, smooth an non-sticky. With one of our specialized waxing sessions, you will definitely get your money’s worth as our employees always do a good job in getting rid every unwanted hair on your body.

We have provided a full list of the different waxing jobs we offer for different parts of the body. You can even choose one of our professional Bikini or Brazilian waxing sessions for a more complete and meticulous waxing of the all the unwanted hair on your entire body. After one of our waxing sessions, you will surely be ready to hit the beach and show off your amazing bod.


Service Prices

Service Price
Lip $12
Eye Brow $15
Chin $12
Side of Face $17
Underarms $20
Full Arm $30
Bikini $30
Extended Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Extended Brazilian $60
Back or Chest $45
Sugaring Available Ask for Details


Other Waxing Services

Service Price
Lower Leg $30
Upper Leg $35
Full Leg $70
Extras Price
Brow Tint $18
Lash Tint $25
Ear Candle $45
Ear Piercing Single $15
Ear Piercing Double $25

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