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Our tanning services will give you a fantastic tan that can improve your appearance and make you look simply stunning. At Sunsera Salons, we only use the best quality of tanning beds and equipment to give a great looking tan that is long lasting. So if you want to look a shade darker, then our tanning professionals will definitely help you get the look that you want.

We have a variety of tanning sessions that you could avail of in order to get that perfect tan which you are looking for. In case you do not know what type of tan would look good on you, our team of tanning experts will always be there to help you find the right tanning solution. We have listed all the different tanning sessions for you here. If you have any queries regarding our tanning services, then call our salon or send us a quick email.


Tanning Services

Service Price
50 minutes $30.00
100 minutes $40.00
200 minutes $69.95
300 minutes $99.95
600 minutes $169.95
1000 minutes $210.95
Super Bed / 100 minutes $69.95
Super Bed / 200 minutes $109.95
Super Bed / 300 minutes $129.95
Family / 300 minutes $109.95
Single Session $15.00
Single Super Bed Session $20.00
Single Super Plus Session $25.00
Ultimate / 100 minutes $120.00
Ultimate / 200 minutes $220.00
Gold Card
Includes Unlimited Tanning, 20% off salon products, 10% off salon services
$59.95 per month
Super Gold Card
Includes Unlimited Tanning in Standups or Regular Beds, 20% off salon products, 10% off salon services
$69.95 per month


Open Sun Services

High-pressure Tanning Bed ~ Stonebridge and Gray Ave only

The Open Sun is a bed with little or no UVB. Tans deeper and darker with no burning.

Service Price
5 Tans $150
10 Tans $250


Mystic Tan

100% UV-Free

Service Price
Level 1 $30
Level 2 $35
Level 3 $40

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